For those who don’t already know, I’ma be a daddy.

Who the fuck awarded this any award at all? I mean I love it but come on. $7 at my local IGA. Bless.

Poker night.

And here’s Bridie (who I recently realised is a boy) eating an adult quail.

Another photo for scale. The spider web tattoo irony is noted.

First time I’ve seen him out of his burrow in a while. He’s grown a fair bit. I’m hopeful he’ll double in size in a couple years if I keep feeding him right.

What the fuck is up with Winnie’s face?

Bridie is on to large rats now too :3

Bridie didn’t like the small Canadian boys I got her but fuck me if she doesn’t love rats.

New Doctor? I approve!

Made a ghetto snakes and ladders board. I’m the battery, Sania is the paper clip.

Eagerly awaiting the chariot race.

Oh hey guys, thanks for the rat.


Cute 25th bday date in Sydney Harbour fuck y’all.